Hard Drive Shredding

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For businesses struggling with out of date technology. Switching to new systems and protecting all information off the old hard drives require secure hard drive destruction.

Hard drives have become home to business' highly sensitive information such as confidential emails, financial records and confidential internal communications.

Throwing away old hard drives ensure only a chance for thieves to access your information. Secure hard drive destruction is the only way to ensure the safety of your confidential information. Carolina Shred will ensure your hard drives are properly shredded, destroyed and disposed of.

Our uniformed professionals will perform the destruction on site and issue a certificate of destruction giving you complete confidence that your information is destroyed.

Shredding Old Hard-drives Protects Your Information

Carolina Shred offers safe hard drive shredding, including onsite or off-site shredding for businesses and or residential customers.

Just as you protect any information on paper documents, information on digital media should also be destroyed properly. Thus, hard drive disposal is an important factor when you upgrade, or even when a computer malfunctions. 

After proper destruction, a certificate of destruction is issued. Regularly scheduled service and one time service is available. No job is too small or big to undertake for Carolina Shred.


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